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Serax Trapped Vase, 4 Shape Designs

£10.00 £20.00

Serax's 'Trapped Vases' collection is a set of four porcelain vases 'trapped' inside cylinders. These simple matte white vases look stunning with seasonal flowers and look beautiful grouped together or simply on their own. 

Choose between four exquisite styles - Vase 1 (far left hand-side of picture 1), Vase 2 (left middle), Vase 3 (right middle) and Vase 4 (far right hand-side of picture 1).

Dimensions Vase 1 (mm): 95 D x 169 H

Dimensions Vase 2 (mm): 95 D x 192 H

Dimensions Vase 3 (mm): 95 D x 162 H

Dimensions Vase 4 (mm): 95 D x 173 H

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